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Help let our elected leaders know that America’s Future Starts With Healthy Children. Your letters and concerns will be sent to Congressional leaders, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.

Dear Congressmember,

I strongly urge you to reauthorize a State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) that will serve and protect the health of all children and families in our country, regardless of immigration status. To deny a child access to regular check-ups, doctor visits and immunizations will lead to needless suffering and costly complications in the future.

We need quality and affordable health care for everyone, especially for our children. These children need you to vote, speak up and protect them by making the right choice and a smart investment in America’s future. Affordable, comprehensive health care goes beyond being healthy; it is realizing for us the American dream.

I urge you to support coverage for all children and oppose attempts to weaken the program by reducing the number of eligible children. We all do well when we all do well.

America’s Future Starts with Healthy Children.


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